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Memory based paper today's aiims manglagiri 21 sep.2019

Memory based paper today's aiims manglagiri 21 sep.2019
1. Metabolic acidosis produce by 2. Rabis vaccine 3. Bradycardia 4. Elbow nd knee are which type of joint 5. Asha work which population 6. Cyanotic heart disease 7. Pre eclampsia 8. Epidural hematoma 9. Superficial layer of skin 10. Descriptive research 11. Ability to think 12. Nurse day 14. Urinary incontinence 15. Projection  16 MRI 17. Vasectomy 18. Drug dilate pupil 19   bone forming cell  20. Vit A definite 21. ICP 22. 3rd stag labour 23. Eradicate polio from world 24. Infusion pump 25. Condition theory 26. Hemodialysis 27. Frooty odour in breath 28. Convax curvature of spine at thoracic level 29. Hr reabsorbed water by kidney 30. Nephrotic syndrome 31. Placsnta previa 32. Prolactin 33. Impact ear wax cause 34. Shock due to circulating blood volume 35. Mild retarded 36. Ist hand information collect by researcher 37. Tidal volume 38. Communication 39. Incision 40. Chronic disorder of inner ear c/b vertigo associate with t…
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Psychiatric nursing suject question in aiims delhi

Psychiatric nursing suject question  in aiims delhi 

Q 1. One person suffering from delirium most imp nsg intervention for PT

A. Orientation to time place person

A √√√√√

Q. 2 How ECT ( modified) differ from direct ECT

Ans. Use of muscle relaxant

 Q. 3. ForAutism child  most priority nsg diagnosis

A. Impaired social interaction

B. Impaired verbal                         

 Ans is A, √√√√√√

Q 4. Alcohol withdrawal symptom
4 option SE to unme SE withdraw Wala select krna tha
A. coma unoriented drowsiness

B. tremourless

C. Talkative hperactive

D. alert hpyoactive

Rt ans is c √√√√√

5 which schizophrenia client needs social skills training

A. Client with negative symptoms

B. Client with a positive symptom
C. Client with a derilium
D. Client with hallucination

Rt ans is A√√√√√√

6 anorexia client takes prescribed diet by doctor but wt remain unchanged so priority nsg intervention

A. Provide huge CHO diet

 B. Supervision after meal consumption

C. Provide high fluid ND fiber

100 -Various types of Phobia , 100-विभिन्न प्रकार के फोबिया

100 -Various types of Phobia100 -Various styles ofanxiety disorder
1. Arachnophobia – The concern of spiders affects ladiesfourfolda lot of (48% ladies and 12-tone system men).
2. Ophidiophobia – The concern of snakes . Phobics avoid sure cities as a result ofthey needa lot of snakes.
3. Acrophobia– The concern of heights . 5% of the overall population suffer from this anxiety disorder.
4. Agoraphobia – The concern of open or jam-pawnckedareas . folks with this